CC Presents: Cohort Classics

The CC Cohort has put up some 1500 Curbside Classics in the past year, and I have failed to give them proper recognition and consistent exposure. My bad. But that’s going to change in the new year. Instead of an irregular, or even weekly compilation of some of the finds, we’re going to feature one car at a time, but much more often: Cohort Classics.

That means not all of of them are going to be Cohort Classics, but we’ll try to do one per day, and even two, depending on what’s being posted and how much content the site has otherwise. One of the factors of course is how complementary a given car is to what’s either recently run or will be running soon on the site. And here’s some other things to help make this work better:

Shots: We’re going to be using between two to four shots per car, if there are that many. It’s generally best if you can do at least a front and rear quarter shot. I realize that’s not always possible.

Identification: Please include Make Year and Model, if you can. Often, that’s obvious, but not always, especially with foreign cars, particularly those from Australia and such.

Photographer ID: If you would like to be identified by something other than your flickr handle, please include that in your posting comment, or send that to me in an e-mail to keep on file.

Commentary: I welcome you to add any commentary with your subject car. We may or may not use that directly, all, or in part, depending on the nature of the post. But we’re more likely to if it helps put the car in context, either historically or personally.

Notification: Would you like to be given a heads-up when or before we use your photos? By leaving a comment with your picture? Or if you’re a regular Cohort poster and want to send me your e-mail to keep on file, I could do that.

Any other issues/questions?