More From The CC Cohort: BMW 3.0CSi Coupe – The Neue Klasse’s Valedictorian

Good timing on this submission from the CC Cohort. This superb 3.0CSi (E9) coupe (Update: shot by bobloblaw2010) is the ultimate evolution of the Neue Klasse sedans as profiled in today’s CC. Of course, it picked up some new front sheet metal when it also was graced with BMW’s new six cylinder engines in 1969. That was a facelift in the best sense of the word, as its old face was decidedly lackluster:

Here it is in its original form, as the 1965 2000C/CS coupe. Very Corvair-esque indeed. And not a big seller. The transition to 2800CS in 1968 really turned this ugly duckling into a swan, and not just from a looks point of view.

The new six was the finest of its kind anywhere, and the combination made the e9 one of the most desirable coupes both during its production run from 1969 through 1975, but ever since too. A true modern classic.