CCTV: “Not Sure How Much More Niedermeyer I Can Take” – Video Livestream With Ed and Paul (Replay Available)

(Update: if you missed it and want to see it, click on the “Watch on Youtube” for the replay)

My son Ed is branching out with several projects including a livestream Youtube series called MergeNow. He’s roped me into joining him tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 9AM PDT for an hour of Niedermeyer², appropriately titled “Not Sure How Much More Niedermeyer I Can Take”. I’ll have the livestream posted here at CC, but if you want to submit questions during the show, you’ll need to click through to Youtube directly. If you miss it live, it’ll be available for viewing on Youtube anytime later.

Here’s what Ed wrote about the subject of this show:

Ed is joined on the latest livestream by his dad Paul Niedermeyer, the person most responsible for inculcating Ed with an appreciation for cars as a subject. An incurable car obsessive for as long as he can remember, Paul was the first car writer/blogger in the family and now runs a blog/community for his fellow car nuts called Curbside Classic ( On this stream the Niedermeyers discuss how they got into writing about cars, what they’ve learned about the online media business over the years, how to build online communities, the evolution of automotive enthusiasm and much more.

Sounds like a lot of potential ground to cover in one hour. See you then; or more like you can see us then.