Cohort Pic(k) of the Day: Nash Airflyte “Police Special” – And Just Where Is Faderville?

posted by radsurfer


I stop for all bathtub Nashes, especially if it’s a police car. And even more so, if it’s in Faderville, wherever that is.

I Googled “Faderville” and the only thing relevant that came up were The Faderville Novels series by M. Gemini Sasson. I’m not familiar with them, and have no idea if there’s some connection or not. This looks to be in California or somewhere similar. But it’s not the real town of Faderville.

I loved these bathtub Nashes and the step-down Hudsons when I was a kid in Iowa, even if they were then over then years old. They were the closest thing to a Tatra streamliner, and would have to do. No Tatras in Iowa, sadly.


Here’s a proper CC on the bathtub Nash

And here’s one on getting passed on the right by a speeding bathtub Nash