CC Two Door Sedan Jag Outtake: 1965 Comet 202 Two Door (and 1964 Comet 404 Four Door)

CC 140 225 1200

(first posted 7/6/2015)    For today’s two door sedan jag, we head a few miles north of Eugene to Junction City, a little town that feels like it belongs in the Midwest. Actually, a good portion of the southern half of the Willamette Valley feels like the Midwest, with its rich, flat soil and many farms, along with a goodly number of Mennonite farmers.

Down the street a bit from the Dairy Queen, I spotted these two worse-for-wear Comets; almost twins, except for their different year, model and number of doors. We’ll focus on the ’65 two door, but it makes a convenient comparison to the ’64 four door next to it.

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These were the last two years of the original Comet, which arrived in 1960 (CC here). They were still riding on the same lengthened 114″ Falcon chassis (109.5 for the wagons), and shared much of the same boxy design re-fresh the Falcon also got in 1964.

CC 140 234 1200

Of course, the big change for 1965 were the stacked vertical headlights, which was a bit odd as the big Mercs did not take up that new affectation sweeping the land after the huge success of the ’63 Pontiac. Frankly, they don’t work very well on the Comet, and I consider the ’64 to be the better looking car by a healthy margin.

Mercury 1967 -Comet-Front-view

Realistically, the reason the Comet got these was to pave the way for the ’66 Comet, which also had them, and probably didn’t have much say in the matter, given how similar it was tot the ’66 Fairlane. The real oddball in these ’66-’67 Comets was thee two door sedan, which used a Falcon center section but kept the Comet’s longer 116″ wb. Dave Skinner found and posted this rare ’67 two-door sedan here last August.

CC 140 235 1200

This ’65 Comet has a decidedly Mercury-family instrument panel, to remind folks they weren’t riding in a Falcon, even if everything else suggested so. I’m not certain, but I’m guessing the air cleaner originally crowned the standard 200 inch six, although it might be the optional 289. Looks like an automatic too. Somebody wanted a basic tw-door sedan, but one teenie little step up from a Falcon with a three-on-the -tree.

CC 140 230 1200

The four door is a higher trim 404 model, as this very tasteful white insert trim section on the rear fender makes clear to the world. I’m not sure what the fate of these cars was, but they weren’t there the next time we drove by. Scrap or being lovingly restored?