CC Illustrations: NYC Taxis – Late 1970s to Early 1980s

1980s Checker NYC TaxiThis week, we are going to take a look at some New York City taxis from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

Late 1970s Checker NYC TaxiMost people not from the New York City area would just assume that the iconic Checker was the default taxi cab for decades in the city much in the way the Austin FX4 was over the pond in London. The truth is you were way more likely to hail a fleet spec big four door from one of the big three than something made in Kalamazoo.

 1980 Peugeot 504 NYC Taxi1981 Peugeot 505 NYC TaxiUnexpectedly, Peugeot offered taxi versions of the 504 and 505 in the 1980s.

So back to the big three.
1977 Dodge Aspen NYC Taxi1979 Dodge St Regis NYC Taxi1982 Dodge Diplomat NYC TaxiDodge fielded taxi versions of the Aspen, St. Regis, and Diplomat.

1979 Chevrolet Impala NYC Taxi1981 Chevrolet Impala NYC TaxiThe Chevrolet Impala were likely the most common of the era.

1980 Ford LTD NYC Taxi1983 Ford LTD Crown Victoria NYC Taxi

The LTD/Crown Victoria was not as ubiquitous as it would become starting in the 1990s.