CC Vintage: Before Jacks Were Invented

Life Model T jacks 1945

This shot from 1945 reflects the fact that Model Ts were a dime-a-dozen then, and one could find them for free or maybe $5 just about everywhere. And the knowledge of how to keep them running was everywhere…in any man a generation older. They were easy to fix; and so light, a jack wasn’t even necessary to change a wheel.

If you’re wondering about that white letter ‘M’ on the guy on the left pants, here’s the explanation:

Life Model T M

These boys were members of the Molestors Club, in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1945. Life magazine did a photo essay of teens there; here’s the link to the rest of the shots, a great look back into another era. “Clubs” then were a sort of cleaner-cut version of gangs, and have long disappeared with so much of kids’ free time, especially from affluent neighborhoods like these kids came from. And that name probably wouldn’t go over too well today…can you imagine the uproar?