CC Wishes 68% Of You A Happy Thanksgiving

I’m not being rude (for a change), just perfectly frank (as Stephanie calls it), since only 67.98% of our visitors are from the US. So the rest of you get back to work while we get high on tryptophan. Actually, turkey is no higher in tryptophan than other poultry, so blame the urge to take a nap after eating on the company, not the poor turkey.

Speaking of turkeys, bonus points on identifying this one. In case you’ve joined CC since last Thanksgiving (or have a short memory), you might enjoy our feature from then, the Triumph Mayflower: Your Thanksgiving Turkey.  And since we’re currently deep into a CCOTY phase, we’ll dispense with the turkeys, especially since we did that last year too, by the decade. Want leftovers? Here’s the sixties, the seventies, the eighties, the nineties, and the aughts. Whew; that was a lot of turkey…now I need a nap.

But before that, let’s do those numbers. Since 68% of our readers come from the US, where are the rest from? Canada: 8.53%; UK: 2.66%; Australia: 1.76%; Unknown: 1.33%; Germany: 1.08%; France: 0.87%; Netherlands: 0.84%; Mexico: 0.73%; and Poland: 0.65%. New Zealand is off the top ten, at #14, but you’d never know it from the comments. And Turkey is #20. We’ll leave it at that, except to say we’re very thankful you choose to hang out here at CC, wherever you’re from!