CCs Increasingly Being Stolen For Scrap In NY – Econolines Are The Favorite

GRANDTHEFT web2-articleLargeimage: NYTimes

Here’s bad news for old car owners, especially if the live in the state of New York: after decades of dropping car thefts due to improved new car anti-theft technology, car theft is up, and old cars are a major target. he favorite is the Econoline, because they typically weigh some 5,000 lbs, which can fetch $600-$700. And New York laws make it relatively easy, as no title is required to scrap a car more then eight years old. In a recent four week period, over 70% of the cars stolen were over eight years old.

That law dates back to the 70s, when abandoned cars clogged the streets. A DMV Form (MV-35 or MV-37) serves as a proxy, and is commonly filled out by someone other than the thief, although the paper trail does often lead back to the perps. Still, there is a push now to get the law changed again.