Cohort Sighting: 1974 Corolla Sedan – That Font Has Got To Go

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Another fine car shared with us courtesy of Triborough, this Corolla demonstrates both the changing of fashion and trends which just won’t die.  We all know that the second generation Corolla was one of the famed cars of the Japanese invasion, and how it’s arrival coincided with buyers’ changing tastes; I’m not talking about that story.  Rather, it seems that old Japanese cars are finally reaching the mainstream of automotive cool, outside of the tuner scene, and this sedan is an excellent example.

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Unfortunately, as that vinyl wrap on right corner of the hood shows, that means an unfortunate crossover between this sort of appreciation and the hipster demographic.  It wasn’t enough this car’s owner to put Sailor font on the hood, he also had to also plaster “Brooklyn” all over that section of the bodywork.  Very corny.

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Still, I’ll give its (likely) over-tattooed owner a free pass for keeping this car so presentable.  Maybe there are even a few bonus points in order since, among E20 Corollas, it’s the coupes and wagons which get all the attention.  Seeing as this car resides in that artificially created center of faddish convention, expect old Japanese tin to find its place alongside Volvo 240s in front of midwestern art galleries and coffee shops in coming years.

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However this wider appreciation comes to pass, though, at least it’s happening.  Japanese cars were my first automotive love and it’s time they move out of the shadow of Super Street and the Fast and Furious franchises.  Even without the 1600 engine, there’s a lot of enjoy about this machine in its current unmodified state (although when it comes to an automatic-equipped slug like this, a conservative restomod wouldn’t go unappreciated).

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There’s a lot of Coke-bottle detroit influence in the design, along with some then-typical Japanese filigree, but its shrunken proportions make it undeniably cute.  Even the ’80s-vintage alloys fail to spoil the effect.

Screenshot 2014-04-07 14.58.31

I don’t have an experience with any Corolla before the front-drive era, so it’s hard to think of much more to say about this one, but some more seasoned CC-ers have done it justice in the past.  In a very odd sense, this E20 has come full circle, previewing the tastes of average motorists forty-ish years ago and of today’s upcoming vintage enthusiasts.

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