Cohort Classic: 1971 Chevrolet Biscayne – Don’t Look For It In The Brochure

Here’s a rare bird; a car that wasn’t even listed or shown in the 1971 Chevrolet brochure. For that matter, the Biscayne was already missing from the 1970 brochure; its last appearance in those hallowed books was 1969. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t available. Whether it was fleet only all those years, or you had to just ask nicely, I’m not quite sure, but one (or more) of our commenters here will know. But theory is not the same as seeing one in the (ample) flesh, and CC Cohort That Guy 1960 did just that.

It has Washington plates, very apt vanity ones at that. But seeing that it’s from Washington makes me wonder: is this a Canadian car that was imported? Because I know that Biscaynes were made (and marketed for retail sale) in Canada for several more years.

The Encyclopedia of American Cars lists the Biscayne through 1972, so was that really the end, at least in the US?

Speaking of brochures, the Bel Air in the 1971 brochure looks decidedly odd, like it was “photoshopped” in the old-school way from an older car or something. The front end is ok, but it looks less than faithful from the front doors back. And it looks like it has less chrome trim than our featured Biscayne. Which makes me wonder even more if it wasn’t a Canadian car.

This “Biscayne” has the same window trim as the Impala sedan (in red). It appears this Biscayne somehow got ordered with Impala-type window trim.