Cohort Classic: 1974 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Convertible – The Penultimate Big Chevy Convertible

 Chevrolet 1974 Caprice conv rq

We’ve been a bit hard on poor old GM today, so how about we end the day on an upbeat note? William Rubano keeps posting some mighty fine finds at the Cohort almost daily, so maybe we should start a new category: “Rubano Classic of the Day”? This big ’74 Caprice Classic convertible is from the second to last year it was made.


Chevrolet 1974 Caprice conv fq

The specter of draconian roll-over standards killed any chance of a rag-top for the all-new ’77 B-bodies. In fact, convertible production ended one year early, after the 1975 model year. That undoubtedly explains why sales of the last big Chevy ragtop increased by almost 100%, from 4,670 in 1974 to 8,349 in 1975.

Chevrolet 1974 Caprice conv f

The standard engine was the 150 hp 400 CID small block, with the 454 as an option. This was a rare car in its day, and a needle in a haystack now. Or is it the haystack?