Cohort Classic: Quick; What’s The First Car That Comes To Mind?

It’s not really a Clue or “What Car Is This?”, because the whole thing is posted at the Cohort. But when I first saw it, there was one car that instantly came to mind, even though the front end is totally different. So are you seeing the same thing? Or is it just late?

Here’s what I “saw”, another bird, at that. Nothing like a direct comparison to make all the many differences obvious, but that kick-up in the rear window and the thick pillars, and, well, um…they’re both green!

Here’s the full reveal of the Humber Super Snipe wagon that glen.h posted at the Cohort. And what a rare bird this Snipe is, as the saloon version dramatically outsold the estate wagon. Glen.h wonders if this wasn’t built by an outside coach building firm, but my Auto-Parade 1960 shows the four-cylinder Hawk version with the same basic body. So I strongly suspect it’s a factory car, but I can’t say I’ve ever thought of a Super Snipe wagon. Super!