Cohort Outtake: Winged Birds Of A Feather

Chevrolet Cobalt and Cavalier

AGuyInVancouver posted this shot that…um…well….ah….would be better left to a true die-hard GM fan to write about. Are there any still around? Well, let’s just say that the Cavalier in its latter days was capable of giving its owners cheap and reasonably reliable transport. To me, with a spoiler on the back and ground-effect body work, it looks a wee bit over-wrought and not quite convincing. But that’s just me.

Chevrolet Cavalier

The Cobalt, Bob Lutz’s great compact savior sent to relieve the J-Cars after a quarter century of service? I think I could actually find more nice things to say about the Cavalier; there was something redeeming just in its persistence. Was there anything redeeming about the Cobalt? I’m the wrong one to ask. But rarely has a car from the recent past become so forgettable, so quickly. I’m guessing GM would like to forget about it too.