Cohort Outtake: 1986 Honda Civic Si – Civics, Little And Not-So Little

Honda 1986 Civic Si side

I always like shots that show the progression of cars over the years and decades. Of course, by 1986, the Civic already wasn’t as small as it started out a couple generations earlier. But a red Civic Si is always worth celebrating with a post, given what a fine little pocket-rocket it was.

Honda 1986 Civic Si fq

This was posted at the cohort by CJCars (CJin SD), a place where one might well find a red Civic Si. Actually, there’s one parked a couple of blocks from my house too, but I’ve never got around to it yet.

Honda 1986 Civic Si rq

Wit its fuel-injected 1.5 L four making 91 hp, the Si was a genuine VW GTI competitor, but with Honda reliability. Hot stuff.