Cohort Outtake: A Close Encounter With A 1963 Rambler American Two-Door Wagon – Beauty and the Beast

Close encounter 2

Cohort poster monteverde3 (Gene Herman) has been documenting the CCs he encounters with his 1949 (first series) Dodge coupe. We saw a few of them here a couple of weeks ago, and there have been some others that I didn’t post here.  But how can I not post this encounter with a Rambler American two-door wagon? As you know, I have a thing about two-door wagons, as well as two door sedans, and I will never resist any of them posted at the Cohort. Let’s take a closer look.

Rambler 1963 American 2 door wagon

And not just any two door wagon either, but what has to be the homeliest one ever made. These Americans from 1961-1963 were a mighty sad attempt to add a bit of updated skin to a car that was a decade old, which was more like a century back than. But in their dumpy, Tonka-Toy way, these are of course madly cool again, and a popular hipster-mobile. I’m not to keen on the wheels, but that’s easily rectified. Otherwise, it’s…perfect.


My sharp-tongued CC on a 1961 American is here