Cohort Outtake: Citroen Mehari – Minimalist Motoring, Or The Anti-1959 Cadillac

Citroen Mehari rq

How’s this for the perfect counterpoint to the ’59 Cadillac in city traffic we saw yesterday? S. Forrest just posted some shots at the Cohort of a couple savoring the joys of minimalist motoring in their two-cylinder Mehari with the windshield flipped down. The perfect vehicle for a balmy summer evening, as one really doesn’t want or need much speed for this purpose.

Citroen Mehari side

Here’s another shot as the Mehari pulls away. I can just hear the distinctive throb of its little boxer twin. I’m really digging this car; just the thing for running errand around town in the summer.

Here’s a post I did celebrating the Mehari’s 45th birthday. It’s got some terrific vintage publicity shots with pretty young women from 1968, when the Mehari first saw the light of day, or night.