Let’s Celebrate The Citroen Mehari’s 45th Birthday With Some Vintage Publicity Shots

Citroen mehari-1968-8

2013 – 45 =1968. That should help put some of these publicity shots for Citroen’s then-new Mehari into context. Hopefully. If not, just enjoy a glimpse back to another era. And of some pretty girls.

Citroen mehari-1968-4

The Mehari (not the girls) had a body made out of rugged ABS plastic sitting on the the 2cv/Dyane 6 chassis. Total weight: some 1300 lbs. And what’s in the crates? Geese?

Citroen mehari-1968-1

Its air-cooled 602 cc boxer twin driving the front wheels was adequate given its light weight, and the softest riding Jeep-mobile on the planet made chores like this effortless and comfortable. These farm girls have undoubtedly been working hard all day putting up hay, but with the Mehari’s plush ride , you’d never know looking at them. What is it about a hay stack and a girl….?

Citroen mehari-1968-10-640x424

The farm girls might be preoccupied with their chores, but the city girls of 1968 are just having fun; or looking for some.

Citroen mehari-1968-13-640x424

Where’s the water? The Mehari did make an excellent beach-mobile, and was a common sight on the French Riviera. I’m assuming the budget wasn’t big enough to actually shoot there.

Citroen mehari-1968-11-640x424

So these last few were obviously shot on a golf course. Which gives the Mehari an opportunity to show off another of its many talents as a golf cart.