Cohort Outtake: Curbside Trabants – The Anti-1960 Plymouth

With the 1960 Plymouth love being shown on CC this week, I thought it appropriate to show what land yacht-deprived East Germans were driving in the early ’60s. Finding any Trabant on the street is about as unlikely as finding a well-worn 1960 Fury, but time and time again, the CCC Corps delivers the goods.

Spotting a single Trabant anywhere in the US takes some doing. Finding three of them approximately 45 years after they were built is even more remarkable. As Cohort Contributer Hugo90 relates:

Spotted on the street in Olympia, Washington. Strange to see three of these in the USA. One had a bumper sticker from McChord Air Force Base, so they were brought here by a military person.

Great find! I wonder if there are any in Eugene?