Cohort Sighting: 1960 Plymouth Fury – Googie This

(first posted 8/8/2012)   Yes, we just had a 1960 Plymouth wagon to drool over, but no interior shots. So please click this photo and savor the googie goodness you missed in 1960 (or maybe you didn’t). And you wonder why some of us who were of an impressionable age when we rode in these cars are a bit batty now?   trabantusa posted this at the Cohort, and we’re not talking just the dash, but the whole car, in a comparable state of condition. I almost had a patina orgasm, so be prepared…

Yes, it’s been working on its tan for quite awhile, I’d say; starting to look a bit cancerous, in some areas, actually.

Makes quite the contrast to the car behind it.

Kiss my ass, you little shrimp!