Cohort Outtake: Free Car – If You Can Find It

Free Car

The CC Cohort has been a bit neglected lately; my apologies. Please do check it out; it’s chock-full of wonderful finds from around the globe. Where to start? This image posted by Jeremy Anderson grabbed me, as there’s something rather plaintive about this Thunderbird with a “Free Car” sign. Anyone interested? It certainly looks quite rust-free, and given its location, that’s assured.

New Idria

It’s located somewhere in or near New Idria, which is an unincorporated town in rural and very remote San Benito County, CA, and named after the New Idria Mercury Mine, which closed in 1972 is now a ghost town. Not surprisingly, it’s also an EPA Superfund site. So is this Thunderbird tainted with mercury? Too bad it’s not a Cougar; that would have been more serendipitous. Or better yet, a Zimmer Quicksilver.