Cohort Outtake: Is It The CC Effect, Or Just A Plate Of Shrimp?


Hey, didn’t we just have a Plymouth VIP (two, actually) on CC? Well, yes, but this is such a rare car that I had to share the Rock Island VIP’s cousin, posted to the Cohort by trabantusa. I think it provides a nice contrast to Laurence’s ’67 Ford post, too.


As for the original CC VIP, I was a bit disappointed in its black interior. While I was pining for a blue or red interior, I forgot all about the copper interior. This one looks great!


Here’s a nice shot of the instrument panel. I really like the 1967-68 full-size Plymouth IP–it just looks so purposeful, but still is nicely styled. I did take dash pics of our earlier VIP, but they came out fuzzy and thus were omitted.


This one is in poorer shape, but I like its copper interior and vinyl-less top so much better. According to trabantusa, it’s for sale, so I hope someone fixes it up, rather than just yanking the V8 and sending the rest to the shredder. That would be a tragedy for one of just 7,912 ’67 VIP hardtop coupes made. She deserves better!

Special thanks to trabantusa for sharing this find and one again proving the CC Effect, better known to non-CCers as the “plate of shrimp” theory. A full set of pics can be found here on the Cohort.