Curbside Conundrum: How would you take your ’67 Ford?

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Here’s the future and the past of big Fords side by side for comparison. The isolation and comfort of the future or the carefree abandon of the past. It’s an interesting crossroads in American automotive history.


Ford really intercepted the Brougham play and ran with it with the LTD. As long established here at Curbside Classic, it upset the full sized car market forever. By 1967 it had released a host of imitators that brought brocade exclusivity to the masses.


Left to the bridesmaid role where big Ford Convertibles. Through the mid 1960’s they had been decent sellers, but in the bucket seat bomb proliferation at the beginning of the decade, they stood in the shadow of the Impala SS. Convertible sales in general fell off a cliff after a peak in the 1965 boom market. And the big Fords were no different than a host of other choices, some of which seeing their last year in production.


Buyers overwhelmingly went the Brougham route. But the full on stampede wouldn’t become a bulldozer out to catch every convertible until the early 1970s.


All things being equal. Where would you have cast your vote in your local Ford Dealership?