Cohort Sighting: 1952 Goliath GP 700 Rometsch – It Looks Like A Porsche But It Pioneered Fuel Injection

Goliath GP 700 side

(first posted 6/7/2014)

I did a double take when I ran across this at the Cohort, posted by frasier5. There were a number of German low-volume cars that shared certain styling elements with the Porsche 356, that first appeared in 1948. But none was as faithful as this 1952 Goliath GP700 with a  body by Rometsch. And although the body style may not be original, it was very much so under the front hood. It h wad a pioneering transverse engine with transmission in-line drive train, a 700cc two-stroke twin. But most significantly, it was the first production car with fuel injection.

Goliath GP_700 -_27.08.2005

Goliath was part of Carl Borgward’s empire, and the GP700 sedan that appeared in 1950 was very advanced, if not even revolutionary. Its styling was well ahead of the times, at a time when many German sedans like the Mercedes were still sporting pre-war fenders and running-boards. But its most advanced feature was its transverse engine, with transmission in-line, which would appear to answer the question that was posed here a while back as to who pioneered that layout.

Goliath GP 700 fr

And in 1952, the GP700 Sport appeared, with the body built by the coachwork firm Rometsch, and fuel injection by Bosch. It would be several more years before the first Mercedes, the 1955 300SL, would sport fuel injection.

Goliath GP-700 (Borgward Group) Driveline

Here’s the Goliath driveline, although these appears to be a carburated version from the sedan. But the inline engine and transmission is quite evident.