Cohort Sighting: 1971 Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda – The Last And Most Famous Hemi

 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

Let’s go ahead and complete our look at all three generations of the Barracuda. I can certainly see why Cohort poster William Rubano stopped when he saw the license plate of this one in a shop. Although it does rather seem like Hemi ‘Cudas have rather come to dominate the genre. Now if the plate had said “/6 Cuda”, it would really be a find.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda fr

1971 was the last year for the 426 hemi. And those that saw that these hemi ‘Cudas would some day be worth six figures bought them and took good care of them. Or they had fun with them, and eventually someone else picked up the pieces. Either way, it’s become an icon, and a rather over-exposed one. But finding one like this certainly counts as a genuine CC find, so let’s celebrate the hemi’s last outing. Now all we need is a video of that shaker hood when the hemi starts up.