Cohort Sighting: 1973 Ford Torino – Just Waiting To Be Discovered By The Hipsters?

Ford 1973 torino side

William Rubano has added another fine addition to our growing collection of CC’s favorite car, the 1972 and up Torino, including the Gran Torino, Grander Torino, Super Torino, Mega Torino, Ultra Torino, and the ultimate version, the Giga Torino. This is an early example of that rapidly metastasizing family, a mere plain 1973 Torino, as if there could be such a thing in the heart of the Great Brougham Epoch.

Ford 1973 Torino fq

It’s battering ram is ready to take on all comers. No wonder all the other cars in the parking lot are staying well clear of it. Presumably, it has the economy delete option 201 hp 429 V8, which offered the possibility of breaking into double-digit mpgs. The standard 460 V8, although rated at only one more hp (202), certainly couldn’t.

OK; just kidding; but seriously, why did the 460, with an additional 31 cubes only make one more horsepower than the 429? Could someone explain that please? Never mind; I know, it’s all about the torque. Horsepower is irrelevant, at least in the seventies.

Ford 1973 Torino rq

With his Cohort posting, Mr. Rubano makes this observation:  Unlike other regularly ignored cars of the 60’s and 70’s, big malaise era Fords have not yet been embraced by hipsters, punks, donkers, or rockabilly devotees.

Is it just a matter of time, or are these just toxic?