Welcome To CC’s Van Fest

Van yellow custom

The universal appeal of vans is obvious: as an empty box on wheels, they offer more scope for utility and the imagination than any other vehicle, period. Although the van’s heyday is in the past, peaking in popularity as a huge social phenomena in the seventies, there will undoubtedly always be vans. Maybe they’ll even have a resurgence one day; imagine this one as the ultimate autonomous car.  Throughout this week CC will look at the full spectrum of vans.

VW bus prototype

That starts with humble 1949 VW Transporter, truly the mother of all vans, then Detroit’s response to it in the sixties, the glorious custom van culture of the seventies, conversion vans of the eighties (and up), a more modern conversion van, and….whatever else appears on these pages this week that’s a box on wheels. As usual, we don’t plan these theme weeks out in detail. We throw it out there and see what everyone comes up with; pot luck style. Happy vannin’

Van Dorothy Straten Miss world of Wheels 1978