Cohort Sighting: 1978 Bertone Lancia Sibilo – Stealthy; Or Not

Bertone Lancia Sibilo 1978 rq

Automotive wise as well as in many other ways, the sixties was a hard act to follow. There’s little doubt that the creative explorations that led to so many stunning concept cars peaked in the late sixties and early years of the seventies, but the latter part of the decade saw a lot of grasping at any ideas that hadn’t yet been thought of; which didn’t leave a lot. The results were decidedly uneven, and the Bertone Lancia Sibilo from 1978 clearly falls into that latter category.

Bertone Lancia Sibilo 1978 fq

Heavily smoked or tinted plastic and glass were a not uncommon feature of that era, and the Sibilo took them to an extreme, with the idea of making the “windows” integrate seamlessly with the body, except for a small round opening for tolls and such. One does wonder whether the Lancia Stratos based concept had air conditioning. On second thought, it almost certainly didn’t, but then these styling exercises weren’t really going to see production anyway. At least not this one.

Bertone Lancia Sibilo 1978 f

C.107 shot this, presumably at the same show where the Lamborghini 350GTV was found. What a difference a decade or so makes. Angularity was the big thing now, and one can clearly see the creative stream whence cars like the Lotus Esprit arose. Since it’s hard to do the Sibilo full justice in car show snaps, here’s a more explicit one:

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