Cohort Sighting: Plymouth Gran Fury, Denuded And Despoiled

Plymouth Gran Fury f

Maybe “liberated” might be a better term for this Gran Fury that has had its “halo” vinyl half-top removed. Yes, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of them, as you undoubtedly know. And here’s another reason: they promote rust underneath. musicalmcs8706 shot this in the salt north of Minnesota, so the fact that the top is rustier than the bottoms of this Gran Fury says something.

Plymouth Gran Fury rq

Here’s the ugly stuff, worst at the bottom of where the vinyl roof used to be. Water does tend to follow the laws of gravity, until it’s stopped in its tracks by those bars or trim pieces at the bottom. Obviously, the piece that filled in the rear-quarter window is not made of a ferrous substance.

Plymouth Gran Fury r