The Color Of Money: What’s The Most Expensive Repair Bill You’ve Ever Paid?

CC 196 100 900

I shot this TT roadster because of its glowing color. But it reminded my that a (female) friend of ours in the Bay Area recently mentioned to me that she had a $7500 repair bill to replace the transmission in her gen1 Audi TT 3.2 Quattro. That was a shock; I’m such a cheapskate; I can’t imagine such a thing. It’s probably eight to ten years old, and I wonder if it was even worth that much. It got me thinking: what was the most expensive repair bill I ever had?

The electronic-feedback carburetor in our ’85 Cherokee V6 needed replacing in about 1990 or so. The unit alone was $500, plus labor; probably about $1200-1500 in today’s money. And the transfer case needed to be repaired, but that was in Eugene, not the Bay Area, and I don’t remember exactly, but it was probably in the same ballpark.

But I’m quite sure I never broke the $2000 barrier, thanks to wrangling a deal for the fourth tranny in our Caravan ($900), despite having 88,000 miles on it. And you?