Cohort Sighting: Proton Jumbuck – A What?

Proton Jumbuck

I love learning about cars I didn’t know existed; it’s like being a kid again. johnh875 caught this Proton Jumbuck in traffic in Australia (presumably), and so I headed to google to find out a bit more about it.

Proton Jumbuck 1

It’s a little car-based ute, in the mold of the original VW Pickup/Caddy. Called the Arena in its Malaysian home market (and maybe others), for Australia it picked up a name that sounded a bit more…outback-ish. It’s got a 1.5 L four and FWD, natch.

Proton Arena ,_Kuala_Lumpur

The one that John shot has this bed canopy, which is actually a pretty nifty version for thta kind of thing. Looks like a coupe; a business coupe, at that. The Arena/Jumbuck went out of production in 2010, in part because it lacked key modern safety features like airbags or ABS. That resulted in a one-start rating in an Australian crash test. But it was cheap, selling for some $8000 (AUS). Now we know all there is to know about the Jumbuck. Or did I miss something?