When Big Meets Small: A Few Extreme Examples

BS 1

In comments on the Cadillac in Europe post, Johannes Dutch left a link to a forum (amerikaanseautopagina.com) with a number of even more extreme examples of such contrasts. I just had to pick out a few of them, but head on over to see the rest. The Fiat 500 would make a nice hood ornament on this Imperial.

BS 6

Renault Twingo meets Olds.

BS 8

Renault 4 meets Cadillac ambulance.


’59 Caddy meets Mini, from the same era.

BS 5

Fiat 126 meets Caprice.

BS 11

Dinkey Toy meets Cadillac.


Euro-size parking lot meets Buick.

BS 9

Buick Estate Wagon meets its little neighbor, whatever it is.

BS 4

And Suburban meets Suzuki Alto.

More meetings here