Cohort Sighting: Three Big Old Americans, One Pretending To Be Austrian

CC Cohort channaher found three big vintage Amis sitting at what appears to be a service center lot. Not exactly what one would expect to find at this kind of facility, starting with this flamboyant gold and white ’63 Buick Wildcat coupe sporting genuine wire wheels and wide whitewalls. Kinda’ stand out from the rest of the rabble in the lot. Well, you probably already noticed number two back there. But number three presents a mystery.

In for a tune-up? This 1962 Series 75 also manages to stand out rather effectively, especially against the white van.

Here’s the final member of the trio. I wouldn’t have noticed, and it’s hard to read but channaher asks a good question: Why there should be an “Innsbruck” on the (rear) fender, I could not tell you. Me neither. I remember a line of RVs a few years back that were called Innsbruck, but a Lincoln Town Car? Blasphemy. Anybody else?