Cohort Sightings: Chrysler Cordoba LS And Other Mopar Goodies

Chrysler Cordoba fr

Now here’s a car that’s really become rare on the street, the gen2 Cordoba LS. The LS was originally intended to be a Chrysler 300, with a decidedly sportier ambiance than the regular Cordoba. You would be excused for thinking this to be a Dodge, given its cross-hairs grille. But this is from before the time that Dodge took that for its look. In reality, the Coroba LS it shared much with the Dodge Mirada, including its soft nose cone.

Chrysler Cordoba rear

Built only in 1980 and 1981. It did little to stimulate Cordoba sales, which dropped precipitously with the arrival of the more compact and boxy gen2 version. channaher posted this, and obviously, there’s a decided Mopar ambiance to this parking lot.

Here’s the rear view, and a better shot of the Dodge 600ES convertible, which is sporting those rather nice alloys that were available then. The Konvertibles were the nicest looking body style of the boxy bunch.

Chrysler Cordoba and K

And next to the 600ES sits another vintage Dodge, a Rampage.

Plymouth 1965 belvedere

And an even older representative of the family, a 1965 Plymouth Satellite, the top-line version of the Belvedere. Classic mid-sixties Mopar.