Curbside Big Toy: 1968 Ford LTD – Hot Wheels Edition

(first posted 10/11/2012)    When I spotted this ’68 LTD, what came to mind were my original 1968 Hot Wheels: the tail-up stance, the big rear tire sticking out past the bodywork, and the almost surreal hood scoop. Maybe the owner of this car grew up with Hot Wheels? But then, who didn’t?

I’m talking about the original Hot Wheels, in 1:64 scale, redline tires, and the wacky suspension that usually had gobs of positive camber. My younger brother and I had some of the first ones, and I know a Cougar was one of them. I’m not sure I remember them all, but I know there wasn’t a  ’68 LTD coupe.

Hot Wheels were one of those brilliant late-sixties inventions that just had to happen. Matchboxes were fun to look at and handle, but were very…fifties. Hot wheels were genuinely hot: the Delrin bearings allowed them to hit 200 scale mph.

I know there was a ’68 Corvette in the little box near the fireplace. Truth is, they really were my little brother’s cars, as by 1968 or so, no one would have been buying me toy cars, and I was saving my bucks for stereo equipment. Doesn’t mean I didn’t play with them, though.

We didn’t have the T-Bird, but it’s about as close to the ’68 LTD as it gets, right down to the giant hood blister. Now that’s how these T-Birds should really look: Ridiculous. Cool.

Just like this LTD.