Curbside Conundrum: Jeep Grand Waginator or Gladineer?

Tokyo – it never ceases to amaze me.  Who would think I’d run across this chopped American icon here.  Other than three-fourths of a mid-to-late 80’s Grand Wagoneer, I’m not sure what this is…

I was across the street, saw this, and snapped a few quick pics before the owner came out and drove away.  It’s a conversion of a Grand Wagoneer, shaving off the rear cargo area and fashioning a small pickup bed.

I thought maybe this was a known conversion, so did some Internet sleuthing but came up empty with only one picture, with no text or caption.  I did see where the Grand Wagoneer was assembled in Mexico, Argentina, and Australia, so perhaps this is from one of those locations.  Additionally, some South American companies did these pick-up-type conversions on Cherokees.

CC Contributor Yohai71 found something similar a few years ago but it clearly looks like a home built project.

So I’m not sure if this is a one-off or a specific conversion model…maybe CC readers know more.