Curbside Outtake: Isuzu P’up – The Only Puppy Left In Town

Old Japanese pickups, like this Isuzu P’up were once a common sight, but it seems they’ve all grown up into big dogs; even the Tacoma seems huge compared to this. Isuzu pickups, whether in the form of Chevy Luvs or their own had a rep for being extra tough, so it’s fitting that this one is still on the street.

Isuzu entered the US market in 1981, with their second generation “Faster” pickup, dubbed “‘up in North America. In other markets it was the Isuzu KB or just Pickup, or the Holden Rodeo in Australasia.

These came in the US with an 80 hp 1.8 L gasser or a 58 hp 2.2 L diesel. Later on the gas engine was enlarged to 1.95 L and the diesel got a turbo to give it a bit more oomph. Both are legendarily rugged; there’s still a diesel Isuzu I Mark clattering around Eugene.

This is of course the short bed version. There was also a long bed job as well as the extended cab Space Cab, which I posted here.

It’s got cloth upholstery; that’s somewhat unexpected. And of course a stick shift, although I’m sure an automatic was available.

The bed is still in quite good condition, as is the resto of it. I’ve seen this sitting in front of this house for quite some years, so it finally deserves its CC 15 minutes of fame.


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