Isn’t This The True Spiritual Successor To The Honda CRX?

MINI coupe red crop-vert

Show someone a picture of a Honda CRX, and inevitably, their response will be: “Why doesn’t anyone make something like that anymore?” I’ve heard it said untold times, and the question is fair enough; the CRX was a unique package in its day, and folks still bemoan its passing. When I showed a Mini Coupe here a while back, the response was rather tepid. But the similarities are all too obvious: Both are almost exactly the same length, seat two, have gobs of storage space behind the seats and are, of course, known most of all for their almost unparalleled ability to put smiles on their driver’s face. Looks? Ask your parents what they thought about the CRX when it first came out. One difference: In adjusted terms, the Mini costs a fair a bit more.