Curbside Curmudgeon: Which Car Would You Most Hate To Be Forced To Drive For A Year?

Buick Rendezvous

Let’s face it: cars are like clothes and other accessories. They’re our most visible tip off to the world about how we see ourselves. And since modern cars pretty much all function reasonably well enough, the image factor is of course more important than ever. So which car from the modern era would be most painful for you to be forced into driving for a year?

Buick rendezvous r

For me, it’s the Wuling Great Wall  Buick Rendezvous; or at least for the moment. It just screams cheap pretentiousness; a pathetic WalMart Lexus RX300 knock off with horrible proportions. The Aztek doesn’t even come close; at least it was original. Every detail on the Rendezvous is painful: from the ridiculous attempt to create an oval grille on the blunt front end, the desperate rear hip character line and the indentations on the bottoms of the doors to disguise its bread-box mini-van roots. The way its whole rear suspension (on AWD versions) hangs out low in full visibility from the rear. Every time I’m forced to be behind one in traffic, I cringe. Really; has a car ever looked more like a bad Chinese knock-off? Strictly speaking, if it had been a genuine knock-off of another CUV, it would have looked much better. And no one in China ever tried to imitate the Rendezvous. OK; ’nuff said.  Your turn.