Curbside Sighting: 2014 Corvette Sting Ray – Love At First (Curb)Sight?

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Funny how certain themes here at CC just seem to materialize. Just after I put up the Rendezvous post, son Ed sends me these shots of the new Corvette Sting Ray he took in Washington DC within the past couple of days. So let’s turn it into a GM Design Fest Day. Needless to say, the new Sting Ray has been a very polarizing design, and folks have pretty strong opinions. But so far, it’s all from photographs and car show views; now we have some curbside shots, as well as a brief comment from Ed as to how it comes across in the wild.

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Ed’s brief comment: New ‘vette looks vastly more subtle in person than in pics, but it also has some really cheap, chintzy details. Was pure coincidence that I was in town to see it, of course. This was apparently the first time it’s been shown outside a car show.

Maybe some of that has to do with it being charcoal gray (or black?) on a cold, gray day. But it confirms my own feelings on the subject: there’s some good things happening with the new Vette; its overall shape and proportions are quite good, such as seeing it from across the street. But that’s about as much positive sentiment as I can muster. Overall, I’m disappointed; I held the design of the C6 in quite high regard. It was tight, original, clean, and honest. I can’t really use any of those words for the C7.


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Undoubtedly, its performance, capabilities and interior will be improvements. But most of all, its cartoonish, Camaro-ish rear end really spoil it for me. To each their own, but it just doesn’t look classy. The C6 could hold its head up among some of the best-designed cars in the field, including the Ferraris. And that was my initial impression when it came out. Not this time around…

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Is that a red Camry in front of the Sting Ray? Oops; not exactly. Do you all want to touch that one, or have we taken on enough for one day?