Curbside Lust Object: 1966 Ford F100 Dump Bed – Why Didn’t I Do This 26 Years Ago?

CC 204 002 800

This very fine ’66 F100 moved in a couple of blocks away some months ago. Yes, Custom Cab and Tu-Tone paint job; a real looker, except for the non-stock wheel covers. But I didn’t know it had a secret, until the other day when it lifted up its bed so elegantly. What a waste; this truck is undoubtedly way too nice to be hauling gravel, dirt, rocks and compost, garden clippings, chopped tress, and just garbage. When I think of all the endless times I’ve unloaded mine….this almost brings tears to my eyes. Why didn’t I put one of these on my truck back in 1987?

CC 204 003 800

I wonder what the capacity of this lift is. I’m a notorious overloader.

CC 204 004 800

Anybody recognize this unit and know its capacity? I would be a little anxious about some of the more extreme loads I’ve carried. But it would dump a load of compost nicely, as well as a small load of gravel. And all of the yard clippings, although I pull those off with a rope.

CC 204 005 800

I think one of the reasons I did this was that I always imagined getting an F250 for the more serious jobs, but never got around to it. Sound familiar?