Paging Tim Kraft: Check Your Spam/Junk E-Mail Folder

spam 2


(my apologies to the rest of you) Tim: you sent me the text for your superb and rare CC find, but not the pictures. And you keep writing me, asking if I ever got it and am interested. And you asked if your e-mail is getting hung up in my spam filter, because you never hear from me. Tim, it’s the other way around: I’ve written you several times; I’m extremely eager to post your CC. So send me the pictures already, and check your Spam/Junk mail folder once in a while. Ah, the joys of e-mail.

So as not to waste this post totally for the rest of you, did you eat Spam back in the day? Still eat it? I did, a few times, out of necessity, including a couple of Boy Scout camping trips. Fried in lots of butter was the only way to make it palatable.