Curbside Question: Re-Writing History – What Powertrain Combo Do You Wish They Had Offered?

Dodge Charger 1967

The other day, CC’s Mr. Edward Mann lamented the fact that his pining for a ’66-’67 Charger with a slant six and four-speed stick would never be fulfilled, since neither of those were offered on that generation Charger. For that matter, Chrysler never offered the four speed with its slant sixes, which was a serious omission. My Dad’s ’68 Dart with the 170 six just screamed out (at 6,000 rpm) for a four speed, as the hole between second and third was way to big for its modest torque curve. And you all know how badly my Dad wanted a four-speed. But that’s not my only wish, if we’re going to re-write history.

Pontiac 1962 Tempest br

If I was back in 1961 or 1962, I’d want one of these, with the 190 hp Aluminum 215 V8, but with the four speed stick, which was withheld from the V8 (automatic only). I know; it was because the V8 had too much torque for the Tempest-Drive transaxle. But we’re re-writing history here. And how will you re-write it?