Through The Windshield Outtake: A Different Buggy

Buggy 2 900

What is that ahead of me? One person, four soft, fat tires, a super short wheelbase, single seat right between the front wheels, no noticeable suspension travel (he really slowed down for a couple of speed bumps), and the top of what is obviously a VW aircooled engine in the middle of it, ahead of the rear axle. Hmmm….

Buggy 1 900

I didn’t have time for a wild goose buggy chase, so this is as good as a shot as my son could peel off as he turned left. My best guess is that it was built as a beach buggy, likely in the sixties. But not according to the typical formula. Its wheelbase is madly short, with very little room between the front and back wheels. And the engine is clearly a VW, but if it’s driving the rear wheel, you’d assume that it had to be have turned around, with the transaxle in back. Hmmm.

And although one can see the positive camber in the back, the way he slowed way down for the speed bumps, and bobbed stiffly over them suggests that the suspension is either waaay too stiff for this light weight affair, or it isn’t even  functioning anymore. Given where the driver is sitting in the middle between the wheels, it suggest that the VW suspension is almost certainly absent in the front. With those soft tires, that all would be fine in the sand. But it’s also street legal. Anybody got any better ideas?