Curbside Weekend Reads: “How Tesla Cracked the Code of Automobile Innovation” as Well as Two Others

Avoiding the vortex of the Tesla haters/lovers and reading about what it is that really sets the company so far apart from the rest of the industry is not always easy to come by. But here’s an article that’s a must-read to gain insight as to why that’s the case. For instance, how Tesla solved a potentially fatal flaw in its Model S safety testing in five days that would have taken another manufacturer five months, and why Elon Musk is ok with rushing new models into production before all the issues (panel gaps, etc.) are fleshed out.

It’s written by Philippe Chain, who has 30 years’ experience in the automotive engineering sector. He was Tesla’s VP for quality during the development of the Model S, and prior to that he was at Renault for many years. Since then he moved on to work at Audi on the e-tron EV as well as Faraday Future, another EV startup. Now he is a consultant on the EV field. His experiences at both Tesla and Audi give him legitimacy in making comparisons between the two.

This particular chapter is #3 in a series at But the other two chapters, which deal more generally with EV’s and the inevitability of electrification of the automobile are also great reads. Links below.

Chapter 1: The Car Reinvented, from Scratch – Chain takes us through the process of envisioning the car of the future, the EV

Chapter 2: Your next car Will Be Electric – Why the electrification of the car is an inevitability

Chapter 3: How Tesla Cracked the Code of Automobile Innovation