Dear Santa: How About Just A Lego Kit?

Christmas and Legos are deeply entwined in my psyche. We got our first taste of Legos in Austria in the fifties, when they were just suitable for building little houses and such. Gave me my first taste of housebuilding. I longed to build cars with them, but the Lego wheel hadn’t been invented yet, if you can believe that. And Legos weren’t yet sold in the US when we moved here in 1960, so my grandmother sent a box every Christmas. And I’ll never forget the year the first wheels came. Wow! That opened up a whole new world of possibilities, in testing the limits of Legos’ structural integrity. But back then it was just blocks, windows and wheels, so we had to use our imaginations, big time.

Today, for the right price, you can build this quite reasonable facsimile of a classic VW Bus. Stephanie found this gallery of Lego-mobiles at the UK Telegraph site, so the prices are in pounds, and some are pretty stiff, but if the wish list we made the other day doesn’t seem to be coming true, here’s a good back-up plan. A few more:

A Unimog is always appealing; so many possibilities!

And a genuine Ferrari F-1; the priciest of them, of course. £399 in the UK; maybe I’ll just see if my mother still has our childhood box of Legos somewhere.