eBay Find: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Six – Ask, And You Shall Receive (And With A Four Speed, No Less)

Camaro 1967 six side gold

Reading the comments of the last eBay find I shared with you I noticed reader MT noted that, while finding an original mustang was rather impressive, it would’ve been a lot more impressive if I had found a Camaro of similar vintage with a six under the hood, as those are supposedly really impossible to find.

Challenge. Accepted.


Yes, call it luck or probability, but here it is. A bona-fide example of a “The spec people actually bought back then” 1967 Camaro six, and it’s a minter. Finished in gold with an equally Gold interior and having done 91,000 miles, with nary an SS or a headlight cover in sight. Power is provided by either a 230 or 250ci straight six (seller didn’t specify) through a (presumed) four-speed manual gearbox (I’m assuming it would have a column shifter if it was a three-speed). The four speed was available optionally with the six, but it’s probably a particularly rare combo. The pictures don’t have enough detail to give any more specifics and the seller doesn’t go in much detail about the car either. Although he does mention the important bits (no rust, no patches, one repaint).


I’m not sure about the seller, my suspicions were raised the second I noticed he wrote his number as “(6l9)..889..9Five79….”  and when I noticed the pictures seem to come from a circa-2008 phone. Nonetheless looking at them I’m inclined to believe him when he says that it runs just as well now as it did back in ’67, somebody has been taking good care of this Camaro all these years.


What the pictures do show are those stunning looks. I had forgotten just how good-looking the first-gen Camaros really are. With their sleek, curvy profile and those bulging hips it looks purposeful and, dare I say, elegant at the same time. It’s hard to enjoy them in the traditional “Pace car replica” replica white/orange Camaro RS restomod that everyone seems to want these days. And don’t get me wrong, that variation is also desperately pretty but some of the subtler details are lost to the loudness of everything else.

There isn’t a Buy-It-Now price but the price (at the time of writing) is $19,000. The listing is here and I know what you’re thinking: “Yes, it was a six Camaro, but what if I want a Convertible?”


No problem, this is also for sale at $19,900, an Automatic this time. What does the description say?

“In very good condition  and has been garaged for ever. NOT RS or SS.”

That’s perfectly fine with me.


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