Ebay Find: Cimarron D’Oro Convertible – No, Really


OK, how’s this for something different? The Cadillac Cimarron, probably the most infamous of Cadillacs on the face of the earth, was available only as a four-door sedan. I have always wondered why they didn’t do a coupe and convertible; after all, it was a Cadillac, if only in name. Well, someone else must have thought the same thing, as proved by this D’Oro convertible currently listed on eBay.


It is billed as “genuine,” but no further explanation is given. It is listed as an ’88, and while the nose is right, out back it has the earlier 1982-84 taillights.


Still, it is an interesting car and, with only 45K miles, could be a fun little summer cruiser with its 2.8-liter V6. It’s quite likely the only one in existence–honestly, how many people would go to the trouble? Maybe CraiginNC can tell us whether Cimarron ‘vert prototypes–if any–were built or not.


Pictures are from the eBay listing, which can be found here along with many more pictures.