QOTD: What Is The Best Car You Have Ever Seen… In The Worst Possible Condition


Last night I completed a 17 hour drive from the edge of Long Island to the seldom visited bucolic scenery of northwest Georgia.

I saw a lot of interesting vehicles from here to there. A Lexus that was apparently given fake portholes on the side. An Avalon that looked like it got into a fight, and lost. Then there were countless numbers of Clinton Era luxury cars whose paint had peeled off and whose rears had sagged to the point where the song, “Pants On The Ground”, seemed all too fitting.

The hooptie population will undoubtedly increase over the next several years. They’re building them better than ever… even though a few neglectful owners don’t appreciate the past greatness of their ride. So with that in mind, what is the best car you have ever seen… in the worst possible condition?