European Vacation Outtake: It’s Hard To Get Away From Mustangs

CC 258 Europe 256 1200

Shot in downtown Innsbruck. And as a counterpart/follow-up to the red Fiat 500 the other day, note how small this Mustang looks against modern compact Europeans. 

CC 258 Europe 261 1200

I saw a fair number of other classic American muscle cars, mostly while on the road, as it was August and they’re out to play. And I saw a couple of new 2015 Mustangs in Innsbruck, and I must say that they fit in fairly well. The original Mustang was on a scale that made it fit in quite well in Europe, and the current one does too. It’s certainly more international now with IRS and smaller boosted engines.

Innsbruck 1967 mustang

The original Mustang made a huge impact in Europe. It was right about the time that big American cars were decreasingly seen as a desirable prestige car, and the Mustang shifted Europeans to it and other muscle cars. This ’66 Mustang shot in Innsbruck in 1967 is sporting local plates.

Mustang 2015 german brochure

The Mustang inspired the raft of affordable European sporty coupes that quickly followed in its hoof steps, the Ford Capri being the most successful of the genre. But the American Mustang’s appeal is still very much alive, with a certain demographic. The 2015 Mustang starts at €37,000, for the 317 hp 2.3 L EcoBoost four coupe, including VAT (value added tax).